“Getting glam for the delivery room” – Thebump.com

I always said that before I go into labor that I want my hair and makeup done because I know people will be taken pictures, and I want my kids to look back and be able to say “My made having twins look easy, and she looks beautiful”; even though I will be in so much pain because of the contractions LOL . So just thinking about it and getting things planned as the day gets closer to my induction I just wanted to see if there were other mothers that felt the same way as me . Thanks to google search, I came across an article on thebump.com, which had tons of quotes from moms that want to feel beautiful regardless of the pain. Here are some from the website :

“I waxed, gave myself a pedi and dyed my hair and got it trimmed before the birth.” — Cassie V.

“I’m so glad I did my hair and makeup and wore some bling. I got so many compliments from people saying that I looked good and that my makeup looked professionally done. It made me feel better, even though I really felt terrible!” —Heather H.

“I did my makeup, shaved my legs and put my hair up for delivery.” — Natalie I.

“When my contractions started getting worse, I took a shower and got ready. I thought if I felt better overall, I would get through it more easily. My doctor even noticed and asked me, ‘Did you do your hair and makeup before you came here?’ The first photos with baby don’t look entirely awful!” — Nicole V.

“With my last child, I did my hair and makeup. I gave birth in the middle of the night, but since I had a short labor, everything stayed intact! It was awesome, and I’d do it again.” — Bethany B.

“I had my second child via planned c-section, so heck yeah, I did my makeup.” —Jenny R.

“I got my hair and nails done, plus I always have on gloss.” — Patrice F.

“I did it so I would feel better. I always feel better when I think I look my best.” —Terese T.

                       http://www.thebump.com/a/glam-for-labor – by sarah lang

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